Are you infatuated or in love?

This is really important to understand before your propose and get married with your girlfriend. It is good to be in love with the woman that you love. However, it is not ok to be infatuated with the girl that you want to marry. It’s important that you understand the difference between the two and how it can impact the relationship between you and your wife in the future.

What is infatuation?

When you are infatuated with someone, you mistake it for love. Instead, you are obsessed with someone to the point where you feel like they should belong to you, rather than letting the relationship evolve due to the two of you sharing a mutual affection for each other.

From a guys point of view, here are a few ways they fall into the infatuation trap.

They are physically attracted by the woman that they are with.

You are obsessed with the looks, beauty or physical appeal of the woman that you are with. While it is ok to feel proud of your woman’s beauty, it should not be the main factor that drives your relationship. If you think that you only want to be with her because you fear you won’t be able to date someone else that’s as attractive as her, it is a sign that you are in the relationship for the wrong reason.

Guys will often think:

“She is the most beautiful/hottest girl that I’ve ever dated, and I don’t want to let her go.”

That train of thought can make a guy become possessive and value the relationship for the wrong reasons.

The treat the woman as if she is his prize.

A woman is not to be treated as an object, so if you find yourself objectifying her as your prize, you are in the relationship for the wrong reason

He becomes possessive and controlling around her.

This is a terrible sign and it will signal that your relationship is doomed to fail. If you find that you don’t give your girlfriend the freedom and trust that she deserves, then you are controlling her because you want to be possessive of her. Trust her and she will trust you. Give her freedom and it will be reciprocated.

You aren’t willing to let go.

Being with someone is a choice. They will choose to be with you or they will choose not to. If they don’t, respect it and move on. If they do, embrace it and cherish every moment

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