Based in South Australia? Find your perfect engagement ring in Adelaide.

Find the perfect engagement ring in Adelaide

This post is for any gents based in South Australia (or close to Adelaide). You’ve decided to go ahead with proposing to your wife-to-be. You’ve decided that you want to propose to her with the perfect ring. Now all you have to do is find the perfect ring.

You can browse online all you want by searching her Pinterest or Instagram feed. But seeing the look and feel of the physical ring will allow you to determine if the ring is the perfect one that you should be looking for.

Here are a few engagement ring retailers based around Adelaide that you can visit and get advice from.

Andrew Mazzone Design Jeweller

Andrew Mazzone Design Jewellers is distinguished for their exquisite wedding jewellery, engagement rings, and fashion jewellery. Their craftsmanship is second to none and have a fantastic range all portraying exceptional quality without leaving a side the ethical. They are also known for their exceptional service and friendly team making the process of buying a ring that much more seamless.  


Phone +61 (8) 8223 5447

Address: 21 Pulteney Street Adelaide SA

Archer and Holland

Archer and Holland have been around since 1918, they withhold a highly respected reputation for making superb jewellery and also for remodeling and repairing jewellery. All of their repairs and manufacturers are all done in store, making it that much easier if you happen to pop the question however the ring was not the right size, rest assured the ring will not leave the store to secondary hands, what a relief.


Phone: 08 8211 8068

Address: Shop 26,

City Cross Arcade
Rundle Mall, Adelaide
_South Australia 5000

Aurum Jewels

A South Australian family owned and operated business, they bring together beautiful handpicked collections of jewellery from Australia and around the world. They have an exclusive range from Europe’s most prestigious jewellery manufacturing houses, including Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.  

Find them in three convenient locations in Glenside, Mosman and Burnside Village.   


Address: 131a/447 Portrush Rd, Glenside SA 5065

Phone: (08) 8379 6773

Bell and Brunt Jewellers

Bell & Brunt is another family owned and operated business, which is situated at the same location (James Place), since 1925. They predominantly run their business by word of mouth as they pride themselves on exceptional service and have a good reputation for this reason. Bell & Brunt are also members of the Jewellers Association of Australia, meaning they have agreed to a Code of Ethics in regard to quality, workmanship and their exceptional service.

They have 10 years worth of ABIA awards that have been received for their spectacular rings, what more can you ask for when dealing with a Jeweller.  


Address: 14A James Pl, Adelaide SA 5000

Phone:  (08) 8231 9997

Everett Brookes

What is wonderful about these jewellers is that in addition to their wonderful selection of diamond rings they also have a variety of options for those who prefer something a little more exotic, showing off an array of different precious gems in engagement ring settings. In addition to this, you will appreciate the fact that the person you discuss the design and manufacture of your precious piece of jewellery is the person that will be making the piece as well. If you are wanting to take up the option to be involved in making some of your partner’s ring, this jeweller will assist in adding to the romance and intrinsic value and the story behind each piece by receiving a video of the making of your unique masterpiece.


Address: 90 Gawler Pl, Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: (08) 8232 8333

Gerard Mccabe Jewellers

Gerard Mccabe Jewellers pride themselves for being Adelaide’s premier fine diamond jeweller, however their wide variety of styles will leave you impressed, and their collections vary in style and design, allowing your unique personality and style to shine through. Their range is extensive, from the incredible bloom collection, with its delicate flower enlaced with diamond designs to the dashing with colour kaleidoscope collection witch will surely leave you with incredible options for that perfect ring. They sourcing high-quality diamonds and gemstones from ethical producers, giving you peace of mind.


Address: 50 Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: (08) 8212 2000

GW Cox – My Jeweller

GW Cox has been in business since 1898. A family-owned business, which focuses on contemporary jewellery as well as timeless classics, they are also able to custom-make any design so they can cater to each unique taste and style making each piece one of a kind.


Address: 99 Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: (08) 8223 7988

Martin Rogers Jewellery

Martin Rogers use the word breathtaking to demonstrate their benchmark. They create jewellery that is custom designed and made so that it will become part of your life and part of you. Their philosophy says that they train their own jewellers in the art of design and manufacture of spectacular and exceptional jewellery, they always explore new concepts and ideas. They also put above all their service, which is focused on each client’s individual needs.


Address: 523 Glynburn Rd, Hazelwood Park SA 5066

Phone: (08) 8364 3244

Pure Envy

Pure Envy is exactly what this jeweller is about, they pride themselves on creating Engagement Rings that will take your breath away as well as everyone else’s. They are a Multi Award Winning Designer Jewellers.

In relation to their styles they let you decide from 21 specific styles making it ways to know what you are after, from there you can custom design the rest.  

Pure Envy also offers specific “help for guys” with an array of knowledge and visible information to understand styles and cuts and carats. What’s more impressive is they even cater for the LGBT community!


Address: 4 5061/76 King William Rd, Goodwood SA 5034

Phone:  (08) 8373 1176

James Thredgold

James Thredgold provides beautifully cut diamonds amongst these are the very rare Australian Argyle Pink Diamond. They are well renown for truly exquisite handmade jewellery. A custom designer for clients to be able to personalise and reflect each individual style with plenty of guidance from their talented designer James Thredgold and wonderful team of artisan jewellers. Rest assured they are also a member of the Diamond Guild of Australia, meaning all their materials are genuine and authentic.

Find them in two locations, Burnside Village Glenside and Norwood.


Address: 188 The Parade, Norwood SA 5067

Phone: (08) 8431 9141

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