How to build confidence to talk to a girl you would like to marry.

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Everybody knows what type of person they would like to marry. But to create that opportunity, you must first talk to the person and have them become interested in you in the same way that you are interested in them. Many men don’t take the chance to talk to a girl that they are interested in. They tend to become overwhelmed by anxiety and in the end, the person that they could have been the one never is.

So if you want to create the opportunity to find the perfect partner for marriage, you must develop the confidence to communicate with the person that you are interested in.

Here are a few ways you can boost your confidence.

Think only about the successful outcome of your approach.

One of the things that holds us back from approaching our ideal partner is our overthinking of the situation. We tend to play out scenarios about the outcome of a situation. As a result, we dwell too much on the possibilities of what might or might not happen. Thinking about the negative outcomes can minimise our confidence to approach the person. Or if we do, we get nervous and fumble when approaching and speaking to the person.

Approach the person within three seconds to avoid any anxiety.

To avoid this, it is best to approach the person within the first 3 seconds of seeing them. This forces you to take action without overthinking the situation. That way, your mind isn’t fixed on a specific outcome, but instead opens up the dialogue to a range of possibilities.

The first thing that you say doesn’t matter.

One of the excuses that we tend to make when approaching is that we don’t know what to say. Making a good first impression is important, but it doesn’t have to be the first words out of your mouth. It just needs to be the first interaction.

Make sure you demonstrate your value to them quickly.

If you really want to have a chance with the person that you are interested in, you need to demonstrate value to them quickly. People will know within the first 10 seconds whether they want to continue having a conversation with you or not. And if you want to extend that conversation to a date or more, your value needs to appeal to them.

The first appeal will come from your confidence and boldness. This is the first thing that you must master. You will need to identify other areas of value in your personality and lifestyle.

Make sure that you can get them interested in you within a minute.

This comes back to demonstrating value. You need to raise your perceived importance within the first 60 seconds. For some, it might be the fact that you had the confidence to approach them. For others, it might be sharing some of your lifestyle traits. Whatever it may be, you need to demonstrate it quickly.

Focus on only one outcome, which is to extend the conversation.

People are wary about meeting strangers. So you want to build their confidence and trust in you so that they will accept your invitation to communicate more.

Don’t go up to a person with the intention to marry them or have only one single outcome in your mind. Leave the discussion to have a range of outcomes. The person may become your future wife, but they could also become a business associate or even a good friend.

Gain the confidence to talk to girls in public.

Many men feel like they can only talk to women during the night at the club and usually when they have had a few to drink. When meeting girls at clubs or bars, they tend to have their guard up. The atmosphere isn’t suited for talking and it can be difficult to approach and charm the person.

There is a big advantage to having the confidence to talk to girls in public. Firstly, many of the girls don’t expect someone to come up to them during the day or in a public place. So their guard is down. Secondly, they are in a setting where they are more inclined to engage in a conversation.

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