Do you want a trophy wife?

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OK guys. This is an important post because alot of men can actually marry their dream girl for the wrong reason. You want your future wife to be your princess and the love of your life. However, love can be mistaken for infatuation. Especially when a man desires to have a trophy wife that he can show off to his friends and family.

Now, you can have any girl that you want. But keep in mind that if you only want to have her as a trophy wife, then expect to deal with the baggage that comes with having a trophy wife.

This has been happening for generations. It will continue to happen long into the future. But at least you can make yourself aware and then make a decision as to whether you should have this person in your life for the right reasons.

Why do guys want a trophy wife?

Guys love attractive females. If the girl looks physically hot, he will be attracted to her and will feel proud to have the girl on his arm.  The catch is that many guys fall into an obsession with the girl based on her looks and not the person that she is. As a result, the guy chooses to ignore her bad qualities, which will result in problems further down the line.

It also makes the guy become infatuated with the girl, which can lead to over-protectionism, controlling and manipulation, which isn’t good for any relationship.

A girl that knows she is a trophy wife will act as a prize.

This means you will be in a position where you will be answering to her instead of the two of you working in collaboration in the marriage. There is a reputation for trophy wives not to work.

What qualities should you be looking out for?

Is she a friend first?

Your life partner will be your best friend. The two of you will want to work with each other and never against each other.

You love her for the person that she is.

Love isn’t skin deep. Everyone gets older and eventually the looks will fade. As a person, does she complete you in all of the ways that you imagine?

Your life is richer because they are in your life.

Your partner should be the richest asset in your life. Helping you grow in wisdom, love, finances and anything else that your heart desires.

You can learn more about the history of trophy wives on Wikipedia.

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