Engagement ring jewellers in Perth that will help you pop the question with confidence!

This post is for the bachelors who are Perth-based and that are thinking to pop the question to their true love. 

Firstly, congratulations to you for making the decision to propose to your future wife. It’s an exciting time. You want to make sure this moment is perfect for both you and your partner. And a part of that will be proposing to her with the perfect engagement ring.

There are a few credible jewellers based around Perth who can help you select the perfect engagement ring. Here are a few that you should consider.

Zamel’s Jewellers – HAY STREET

With a large variety of diamonds and diamond jewellery and access to an incredible range who could go wrong with Zamel’s.  In fact, they have one of Australia’s largest ranges of solitaire diamonds at different price points.

In addition, because there’s no middleman, you can enjoy quality diamond jewellery for less than you might expect. ‘When you shop with The Diamond People you will discover the benefits are brilliant’.

Website: www.zamels.com.au

Address: H22/33/207 Hay St, Perth WA 6000

Phone: (08) 9226 1209


Craig Rosendorff, after more than 50 years experience, he remains a mentor to his dedicated team of specialists who pride themselves on sharing in his vision for the brilliance and pursue only excellence in their work. From buying to design, manufacturing to customer service, they share a passion for creating jewellery that stands the test of time. Craig leads and inspires the specialist Rosendorff Diamond Executive, personally supervising the purchase of all diamonds at their source, and overseeing their cutting and polishing to ensure that each stone meets the strict parameters for a Rosendorff Diamond, you can rest assured they are indeed ‘hand-picked’.

Website: https://www.rosendorffs.com

Address: 677 Hay Street Mall, Perth WA 6000

Phone: (08) 9321 4015

Nordhoff Jewellery Couture

Nordhoff work with the notion that they must trust the individuality of the raw materials they work with, allowing them to guide each unique design. These unique pieces are considered unequivocally beautiful. ‘Because when we respect nature’s work, it rewards us by proudly displaying its charisma and charm’.  Their signature pieces are works of art. The talented couture jewellers complete every process by hand to ensure absolute design integrity. Drawing on more than a decade of experience, the team at Nordhoff are proud to admit a small part of themselves can be found in each of their creations.

Website: nordhoffjewellery.com.au

Address: 4/1 Chelmsford Rd, Mount Lawley WA 6050

Phone: (08) 6336 8450

Allgem Jewellers

Allgem founders, the Gryg family, are experts in precious gems and Australian opals. they are a family owned business and have been around since the 1970s, providing specialist services to Perth retail jewelers. Joseph and Bessie Gryg began mining for precious gems in 1960. They are a wholesaler which supplies retail jewelers as they have been cutting precious gems and carrying out jewellery work since the 70s. Allgem pride themselves on the fact that they were the first to introduce the diamond simulant Cubic Zirconia into Australia and stunned local jewellers who were not able to tell the difference between it and a diamond! Allgem has a number of celebrity clientele and has served international clients including Paul Stanley from the rock group KISS, Foster and Allen, and the Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood, to name just a few.

Find out why Allgem is the first choice for Australian opals, precious gems and gold jewellery in Perth for your self.

Website: http://www.allgem.com.au

Address: 653 Hay St, Perth WA 6000

Phone: (08) 9325 2255

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The Diamond Club

The Diamond Club delivers the highest quality certified diamonds, stunning engagement rings. They are dedicated to providing the Perth community with access to a no-pressure environment that focuses on the individual needs of their customers. They are motivated by crafting fine jewellery that grasps attention and creates an impression. Pierre founded the Diamond Club in 1983 and is still a family-owned business. Keep in mind, when you contact the friendly jewellers, you will ‘almost always be able speaking with Pierre himself’, how wonderful would that be?

Website: https://thediamondclub.com.au

Address: C4/165 Grand Blvd, Joondalup WA 6027

Phone: (08) 9301 5880

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Stelios Jewellers

Their rings are handcrafted to the highest of standards. They pride themselves on their attention to detail and comprehensive approach to selecting diamond and gem pieces with their clients, leaving you with a wealth of knowledge about your piece once you leave their store. Stelios Jewellers are passionate about the quality of the materials and workmanship used. They have a guarantee of lifetime of wear. Their designs showcase true beauty, quality and value. They have a wide variety of displays of available jewellery, which are exclusively selected or created, by Stelios and his team or they can provide private consultations to create that unique piece you desire.

Website: http://www.stelios.com.au

Address: 514 Murray St, Perth WA 6000

Phone: (08) 9481 0548

OM Jewellers

Timeless collections, quality and craftsmanship are the hallmark of OM Jewellers. First established in the Middle East in 1947. The founding father of OM Jewellers Mr. Amritlal R. Dhanak has instilled the values of ethics, transparency and honesty. He has a great perception about the Middle East market and enjoys the patronage of the royal families of Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, and now setting foot into the Australian Market. They have a great team of designers that can create your desired piece. They transform the quality of raw materials to finished dazzling designs. Their exquisite collections are a must see. They also pride themselves on reaching and using diamonds that are ethically sourced through reputable sources. They use sight-holder diamond manufacturers to obtain 100% natural and non-treated/non-enhanced diamonds, giving you the best quality.

Website: http://www.omjewellers.com.au

Address:1008, Cannington WA 6107

Phone: (08) 9258 9952

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