Feel like your girlfriend wants to get married too soon?

Have you ever been dating and felt like things are moving way too quickly? I mean, you have just started seeing the other person and all of a sudden it feels like you will be walking down the aisle to marry her in a matter of months. For some of us, this is ok. But for others, it can be a concern if it feels too rushed and if we aren’t 100% certain that this is the person that we should be marrying.

Is this happening to you at the moment?

My girlfriend is pressuring me to marry her.

There are alot of guys who feel like this. Especially as the woman knows that she is getting older and she is in a race with her body clock. If she has hit her thirties, she knows that it is crunch time to commit to a person that she can spend the rest of her life with and also have children and build a family.

My girlfriend is saying that she wants to get married or breakup.

Ultimatums aren’t really good for a relationship, but at the same time, your girlfriend will know what she wants. If you both aren’t on the same page when it comes to marriage and a long-term commitment, she will ask the question why she is with you in the first place.

People want to be with a person who can give them what they want. So if she wants marriage and you don’t, it is probably better that the two of you find a partner who can give you exactly what you want.

She wants to get married, but I am not ready.

This is understandable. Marriage is a big commitment. The two of you will become a unit and half of everything that you have will become hers and visa-versa. You will live with the person fulltime and share the same bed with them. You will have moments of joy and also need to get through the marriage challenges and tribulations. You need to be confident that she is the one that you want to pursue this journey with.

At the end of the day, the choice to marry your partner is yours. Don’t feel pressured, but do understand the position that she is in and her intentions to marry. The both of you need to be on the same page when it comes to marriage in order for it to work.

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