How to find, choose and marry the perfect woman.

Marriage is one of the most significant moments that will happen in your lifetime. It is a decision that you should only make once and you want to make sure that you get it right the first and only time (ideally). So how can you marry the perfect woman, let alone find the right life partner? We’ve answered a couple of these frequently asked questions.

What qualities to look for in a life partner?

You should be marrying a person that will become your best friend. If the two of you build your relationship off friendship, then the two of you will be able to build a meaningful relationship on that friendship.

Secondly, the lifestyle and interests that the two of you share should compliment each other. It won’t be for everything, but it should work across many of your lifestyle choices. For example, d the two of you enjoy travelling, fishing, horses? Is there a sub-culture that the two of you fit into?

How do you choose your partner?

Married couples will tell you that “You will just know.” Everything will feel right and it will also feel effortless. When you get this feeling, this is when you should make the choice to be with that person.

What is a life partner relationship?

A life parter relationship is someone that you can go through the journey with. It is different to dating and what you would have been looking for in other people. It is about companionship, the willingness to build a family and to share several life experiences together.

Can you marry your soulmate?

Yes you can. And ideally, you will find that person who is your soulmate. Your soulmate will be your perfect fit for your lifestyle and your character. More importantly, they will also be your friend. If you do find that your potential suitor is your friend, you can get out of the friendzone by following the steps in the book “Rules of the Game”, which you can buy on Amazon.

Can you be friends with your soulmate?

There is a very good chance that one of your friends is the soulmate that you should marry. It may take some time before the two of you realise that you should be together. But when it does, magic will happen and you will wonder how you could have ever lived without them.

If you need some help, you can find these books on Amazon helpful. 

Rules of the Game – Neil Strauss

The Game – Neil Strauss

Direct Day Game Method – Pickup Girls on the Street, at the Mall or Coffee Shop – Charlie Valentino

Destroy Approach Anxiety – Effortlessly approach women without fear – Charlie Valentino

48 laws of Power – Robert Green (This book will allow you to become bolder and more influential, which are attractive qualities)

Irresistible persuasion – The secret way to get “Yes” everytime – This shows how you can improve your persuasive dialogue.

Words that sell – This will allow you to use buzz words. Your charisma is about saying the right thing at the right time.

The power of now – Eckhart Tolle – This will show you how to live in the moment and improve your spontaneity.

Make her chase you – By Tynan

9 Tools to Supercharge a Conversation and Never Run Out of Things to Say  – By Bobby Rio

How To Talk To Women: Unlock the secrets to effective attraction, flirting and girlfriend getting 

How to Use Words That Turn Women On: Secrets To Sustaining Attraction – John Alanis

Become a person of influence – Daniel Priestley – This will show you how to find yourself and how your actions in life will turn you into a social magnet.

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