Frequently asked questions about engagement rings.

Engagement ring questions

You want to try to purchase the perfect engagement ring for your partner, but there are several things that will go through their head once they’ve received their ring. Majority will be happy, but there will be some that will feel a sense of disappointment when they receive their engagement ring. This is because of the expectation that they have and the man not aligning his efforts with her expectation. It is unfair, but that is just the way that it is.

To guide you in the right direction. Here are a few common questions that’s asked online.

Does the size of an engagement ring matter?

This depends on the recipient. Do your best to learn about the type of ring that she wants and the size expectation. Most women want a rock size that suits their hand. However, there are some that prefer to show size above all else.

How many carats should a diamond engagement ring be?

Ultimately, your partner will be more interested in the way that the diamond sparkles and how it is cut compared to the amount of carats that it has. Most women want a diamond size that suits their hand. If the diamond size is too large, the appearance might be unflattering.

However, a common carat size on an engagement ring ranges from 2 carats upwards. But if you ace your proposal, it won’t matter if you present her with a 0.5 carat or 5 carat diamond engagement ring.

How should an engagement ring fit?

You want to master the sizing of the ring that will go on her finger. Try to borrow another ring of hers or use subtle ways to get her finger sizing so you can get the right sized ring for your proposal.

My boyfriend bought me a cheap engagement ring.

It’s true that some women see this. Again, it comes back to the expectation of your partner. If they are more concerned about the price than your love, then you might need to reevaluate your proposal. At the same time, you should aspire to give them a ring that they will love, regardless of the price.

What does an engagement ring mean to a woman?

It means alot as it is a symbol of your promise to love and marry them. It’s something  that they will cherish for a lifetime.

What your engagement ring says about him?

Other peoples opinions shouldn’t matter, however your partner, her friends and colleagues will all comment on the engagement ring that you purchase for her. Understand her expectations with the ring and give her what she wants. If she wants to have a ring that she can show off, then try to aspire for that type of ring. If she doesn’t care and only wants a simple ring that symbolises the love between the both of you, then aspire for that.

Just make sure that the ring aligns with her expectations.

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