How to get confidence to propose a girl.

How to get confidence to propose a girl

The element of surprise with proposals makes it difficult for men to have the confidence to propose. Men want to be certain that their wife-to-be will say yes, especially if they invest the time, energy and public scrutiny with the proposal.

As much as we men would like for her to say yes, there is the chance that she can say no. And that no can actually be soul-destroying.

So how can we get the confidence for her to say yes?

  • Every feeling within you is telling you that this is the right thing to do.
  • You feel that you want to marry her and a sixth sense will tell you that she is your soulmate.
  • You have been looking out for signals and hints that she wants you to propose to her.
  • The two of you have spoken about a future together that involves marriage and building a family.
  • You are confident that she will say yes, because you know intuitively that she wants to be with you.

Some things that you will need to overcome before proposing to her include:

  • The risk of her saying no.
  • You feeling nervous about proposing.
  • Having doubts about proposing to her.

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