Is it normal to feel nervous about getting engaged?

If you invest your emotions in a specific outcome, you will naturally start to feel nervous or anxious about what will happen afterwards. When it comes to proposing to the woman that you love, it is a natural feeling to have.

This is also known as pre-engagement anxiety; or pre-proposal anxiety.

The anxiousness can raise so high that it can make you feel like you want to avoid the proposal or even make you stumble over your words. Most men don’t realise what is the source of their anxiety when proposing. In fact, it isn’t the notion of the proposal itself, but rather the outcome and the ‘fear of failure’ if they don’t get the answer that they are hoping for.

There are a few ways to manage the anxiety so that the proposal for your engagement goes smoothly.

Think about the successful outcome of the proposal 5 seconds after you propose.

This is probably the best way to approach the marriage proposal. She will either say yes or no. But you can say propose with the intention that she says yes. That way, you will deliver your proposal request with confidence.

Rehearse what you want to say and how she will respond positively.

Practice makes perfect. Practice on your own or with a friend so you will know what to say and how to react when she does say yes to your marriage proposal request.

Say what you want to say with boldness and confidence.

Boldness is essential if you want her to say yes. Don’t be nervous. Propose to her with boldness.

If you feel nervous, say what you want to say with nervous excitement.

It is normal to feel nervous, so make sure that you trick your body into feeling excited when you are talking. You will come across more charismatic and confident when you propose.

What kind of feelings should I have after getting engaged?

Both you and your partner should feel joyful after getting engaged. For some people, it can feel a bit overwhelming, however the emotions that you should be feeling is overall happiness.

Is it possible to feel post-engagement anxiety?

Yes it is, but that’s only because you are thinking about the planning ahead of you. After the proposal, just celebrate the moment. Live in the now and enjoy the post-proposal moment.

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