How do you know she is the one to marry?

There is a cliche amongst married people when they are asked how they knew if they chose the right person to marry. They often say “they just knew”. It’s a sixth sense feeling where you know that you can and will spend the rest of your life with this person. It is a bit tricky to explain, but there are signs that you can lookout for to help you understand what you should lookout for when seeking the one to marry.

They are your best friend.

Friends come and go in your lifetime. But somehow, this person will complete you in ways that you never imagined possible. They will be your companion, your travel buddy, your pillar of support and your lover. They will always be there for you.

You cannot imagine having a life without them.

When you are with them, life is amazing. And somehow when they aren’t in your life, you feel like there is something missing. This is an important point because if you realise this, then you know that you can only live a life that is fulfilled if the two of you live a life together.

You are happy to go on life’s journey together with them.

Life is a journey. You will go through your ups and your downs. There will be times of struggle and times of joy. You will have the opportunity to build a family and support each other when changes occur to the family dynamic.

Everything feels effortless.

Somehow, everything just seems to fall into sync. It is almost like you automatically have the same interests and share the same type of lifestyle. The both of you have a perfect yin and yang fit.

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