How long does it take a man to know if he wants to marry you?

How long does it take for a man to know he wants to marry you?

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Men will get a moment where they know the person that they are with is “The one”. And this moment will usually happen within 12 months. There are several men who see their partner at first sight and know immediately that if they pursue this person, it is with the intention for marriage and for a family.

Sometimes, men will have that intention and they will start to date the person and will realise soon after that the person isn’t right for them. And this could be for a number of reasons.

As a man, you will know intuitively if you want to be with the person for the long-term. If you find that you are getting bored with them within a 3-month period, then they probably aren’t the right person for you.

What are some of the signs to look out for?

  1. The person that you are with becomes a companion and a best friend. They are a person that you can be around all of the time and your lifestyle becomes entwined with each other.
  2. You love and admire the person for everything that embodies them as a person. It is both physical and emotional.
  3. You know that you want this person to be a part of your life. And the feeling should be mutual. 
  4. It shouldn’t feel forced. If the relationship is one-way in either direction, it probably means that the other person is being forced into a commitment rather than having the desire for the relationship. 

Something that you should keep in the back of your mind is that marriage shouldn’t be approached as a goal or milestone. It should feel like a natural evolution of companionships. 

Ask yourself the following. 

Is this person the right companion for me?

If this is lacking, then it is important to realise quickly that the other person isn’t right for marriage, if that is your intention.

Tip for women that want their partner to take action!

There’s a handy book that many other women swear by called

Why men love bitches

Why men love bitches


Why men marry bitches.

Why men marry bitches

You don’t need to be a bitch, but you do need to be assertive and bold with what you want out of life. You also need to be prepared to ‘let go of him’ if he doesn’t treat you with the respect that you deserve.

Another handy book that you can use is “The Complete Book of Rules”.

The Complete Book of Rules

This will keep your man on edge and motivate him to take action rather than having him fall into the ‘comfort zone’ in the relationship.

A handy book that you can read is ‘1001 questions to ask before you get married’, which is available on Amazon.

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