How long should you wait before you get married?

If you ask anyone that is in a happy marriage when they felt the time was right to propose, they will tell you that they just intuitively knew it was the right time. It isn’t something that can easily be explained, but they will normally say that “you will know” when you should propose to the person.

Being different people, you will naturally have different expectations. You need to know if the other person is interested in marriage, but more important is whether they are interested in pursuing marriage with you.

There are quite a few different questions that you should consider.

How long should you date before getting married?

There isn’t a set number. You can date someone for 3 months and you will know if they are the person that you should be with. Or you may date someone for 5 years and realise that they are the partner that you shouldn’t be with.

The best thing is to date to the point where you know that the two of you are compatible for marriage.

Should you date a bit longer if you are in your twenties?

This is really up to you to decide. Many people in their twenties are unsure of the direction that their life is heading in. So they tend to date longer while they are trying to figure out what is happening with their life. That being said, there are still many couples in their twenties who feel that marriage is right for them and are happy to get married after a relatively short time dating.

How long should you keep your partner waiting until you propose?

This is a tricky question to answer. You want to be certain when you pop the question to your partner, but you don’t want years of their life to pass them by as well. If you still feel uncertain after a few years, there is a chance that they aren’t your ideal partner.

Usually, you will know fairly quickly if your partner will become your wife in the future.

How long should you date before marriage in your 30s?

Many people in their thirties know what they want and they are quick to move onto something serious and long-term. It’s not uncommon for thirty-year-olds to date for a year or two before getting married. The process tends to be quicker since people are more serious about qualifying life partners.

Many people in their thirties will know if they are ready for marriage and wil only need 3-9 months of dating before committing to marriage.

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